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Farm Yard Brew Co

Farm Yard Brew Co

Lancashire, England

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Farm Yard Brew Co is a brewery based in Lancaster, started in 2016 by Steven Holmes on Moss Edge Farm, a six-generation family farm.

Farm Yard Brew Co

Based in Cockerham Lancaster, Farm Yard Brew Co’s base of operations is a six-generation family farm. The farm-life hard work ethic and passion for nurturing ingredients properly, has clearly set them up fantastically as a brewer!

Starting from humble roots in 2016, Farm Yard Brew Co has quickly grown to being a highly respected and exceptional UK brewer who has garnished several awards along the way. They even have a fantastic Tap Room if you’re in the area.

Farm Yard Brew Co are an extremely forward thinking brewers, who have experimented successfully with a myriad of different beer styles. They have some exceptionally crisp and hoppy IPA's, that excite and refresh the drinker more with each sip. Lagers that are filled with citrusy notes and freshness, that are the perfect companion for a long drinking session.

They’ve even brewed a range of delicious Fruit sours, that burst with natural fruit flavour and aroma, creating perfect balance against the tartness of the sour. Farm Yard Brew Co is a true all rounder, who puts so much care and passion into each craft. The best way to truly appreciate this inventive brewer, is to add a selection of their ranges to your Tap Door mixed craft beer case and enjoy!

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