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The DDH IPA (or Double Dry Hopped IPA) is the perfect craft beer style for those who are seeking a bold hop flavour and strong citrus or tropical aromas, think orange blossom or pineapple. The ABV can range from 6.5%-8.5%, making them slightly more robust than a standard India Pale Ale, perfect for the experienced beer drinker or someone who enjoys flying in two-footed!

What Is A DDH IPA?

The double-dry hopping technique allows the brewery to greatly amplify the original hop aroma and flavours without adding any significant bitterness. One exceptional DDH IPA is Lervig’s “Tasty Juice”, which can deliver a smashingly powerful tropical flavour that the drinker can’t help but consume at pace!

For those intrigued by the innovative approaches to hop usage, exploring a NEIPA could offer another fascinating journey. With their characteristic cloudiness and smooth, juicy profiles. They present a different yet equally mesmerizing hop-centric experience, often embracing a wider array of fruit-forward and floral notes.

If you're curious about the diversity of the India Pale Ale world, why not dive into the refreshing Session IPA? It's a lighter alternative that doesn't skimp on flavour, ideal for those who appreciate the hoppy characteristics but desire something a bit more quaffable.

The DDH IPA is an intriguing and exciting adaptation, that the experienced beer drinker has to tick off their bucket list! Embrace the hop-forward complexity with us by including a few next time you build your own beer box on Tap Door.

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