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The NEIPA beer (New England India Pale Ale or Hazy IPA) is an ale unlike the rest of its family. With its signature tropical juicy flavour and reduced bitterness, it serves as a welcoming introduction to the world of India Pale Ales, especially for those seeking a less bitter beverage. The unique brewing process of NEIPA beers results in a distinct hazy colour, earning them the affectionate nickname 'Hazy IPA.'

Boasting a moderately strong ABV between 6%-7.5%, the NEIPA is the golden cloud of flavour perfect for social gatherings or unwinding after a long day. For those with a penchant for something slightly lighter, its cousin the NEPA (New England Pale Ale) might be more to your liking.

Among the pioneers of this style are Cloudwater brewery and Verdant brewery, both renowned for their contributions to the craft beer scene with their progressive brewing techniques and vibrant flavours.

If you're curious to explore beyond the conventional India Pale Ale and venture into the realm of sweeter, fruitier flavours, consider adding some of Tap Door's finest NEIPAs to your craft beer selection box. And for those who admire the bold hop profiles, don't miss our exploration of DDH IPAs, where we delve deeper into the art of hop addition.

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