The NEIPA (New England or Hazy IPA) is an ale unlike the rest of it’s family. The signature tropical juicy flavour and reduced bitterness make it a great introduction into the world of India Pale Ales, for those who are looking for a less bitter beverage. NEIPA beers have a unique brewing process that creates a distinct hazy colour, which is why they are also fondly referred to as a Hazy IPA.

The New England IPA has a moderately strong ABV between 6%-7.5%, making this golden cloud of flavour ideal for a social gathering or just unwinding after a long day. It also has a cousin the NEPA (New England Pale Ale) for those who are more fond of a pale ale.

A couple of pioneers of this style include Cloudwater brewery, who are renowned for their progressive and seasonal brewing, with supremely balanced flavours that have hugely impacted the UK craft beer scene. Verdant brewery is celebrated for their unfiltered, unpasteurised, and hop-forward beers that deliver on vibrant fruity flavour time and time again.

So if you’re looking to discover something with a sweeter fruity flavour then the conventional India Pale Ale, be sure to add a few of Tap Door’s best Hazy IPA's to you’re craft beer selection box and let the craft beer journey commence!

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