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Stout Beers

Dark and roasty, with just the right amount of sweetness - that's what you can expect from a delicious smooth stout beer. This unique style, made famous by the likes of Guinness, has a special place in the diverse world of Craft beer. Catering to all levels of experience, Stouts can range drastically in ABV and flavour.

Milk Stout (4%-7% ABV) is one of the most common and welcoming styles, offering a creamy finish that's reminiscent of sweet desserts like brownies and cakes. Irish Stouts (4%-4.5% ABV) offer up deep-roasted earthy, chocolatey notes. Whilst Imperial Stouts have higher alcohol content compared to other styles (8%-12+% ABV), with complex dark flavours of chocolate, coffee and vanilla, so pace yourself with these!

Chocolate stouts (5% to 10+% ABV) lean further into pronounced dark cocoa flavours, while Coffee Stouts (5.5%-8% ABV) offer up robust espresso aromas and flavours, for that morning pick me up (in the afternoon or evening). With their rich heritage and flavour variety, stouts are a Tap Door craft beer box favourite!

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