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Craft Lagers

Introducing our diverse family of Craft Lagers - these crisp, clean, and refreshing beers are sure to hit the spot in nearly every setting (although they're perfect in the sun if you’re lucky enough). With its malty flavour profile and light-to-medium body, lager has been a cornerstone of beer culture for centuries, and with ABV’s varying from 3.5%-5.5% these are highly sessionable beers!

The most popular Craft Lager is the Pilsner; it's known for its golden hue, hoppy aroma, and mild bitterness. Vienna Lager offers up some sweetness from roasted malts balanced by subtle herbal hops, while Helles lager combines floral hop aromas with lightly sweet bready malt flavours. If you’re into dark lagers, check out Munich Dunkel – rich malty with hints of chocolate & coffee. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a pale lager, we have a fantastic range of American lagers, just waiting to be drank.

This versatile beverage also caters fantastically for those looking for non & low alcohol lagers without compromising on flavour. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit fancy? Premium lagers are the one for you!

No matter your preference or occasion, craft lagers offer an incredibly smooth drinking experience & are an essential part of the Tap Door craft beer box arsenal.


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