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India Pale Ales

India Pale Ale (IPA) is a craft beer style that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This style is known as a beer with a high hop content and bitterness, the flavour profile is extremely versatile depending on the sub style.

Designed to be highly drinkable, the Session India Pale Ale (Under 5% ABV) is of one of the most popular styles. With floral and fruity citrus flavour, these craft beers are perfect for long sessions with friends. For those looking for something even fruitier, softer and less bitter the Hazy IPA (NEIPA), has a slightly higher ABV between 6%-7.5% and is an experience to savour.

For those seeking something more crisp and piney, the West Coast IPA has an ABV between 5.5%-7.5%. It’s hoppy flavour and floral notes make this one of the best india pale ales to enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

On the punchier end of the spectrum, the DDH IPA (Double Dry-Hopped), has a stronger ABV of 6%-7%. Exploding with hop aromas and citrus flavours, these beers offer a more pronounced taste without increasing bitterness. The Double IPA (DEIPA) is much more complex and bitter, with ABV between 7.5% - 10%. These beers should be enjoyed slower and are ideal for any celebration.

There’s an India Pale Ale to suit any level of beer drinker. Be sure to add a selection to a mixed craft beer case and enjoy one the most versatile beer styles on Tap Door.

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